Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stylin' and Profilin' Current Icons...

hey fashion friends! today i've decided to start a "blog series" i've been wanting to do for awhile. i came up with the idea a while back, knowing it would be somewhat of a daunting task as far as research goes and such...but also a VERY fun one! for the next few weeks, i'm going to take a fashion icon of our time, be it a celebrity, model, political gal, or other public figure, and blog about her first break out fashion moment, known for trends, personal style, go to brands, and favorite must haves. obviously i am not going to be interviewing her myself, but i am going to search high and low for all the facts and material leaving you with what i hope to be an "all-in-one-place" go-to piece about some of our favorite fashionable people and what makes their look so enviable! I also plan to then include how you can get a similar look without spending big bucks!

okay, guys...just wanted to give you a heads up on what i'm preparing. hope you all like it! :)


*Who I'm working on now...Sienna Miller.
*Some considerations for future posts...Michelle Obama, Rachel Bilson, Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Emma Watson...among others...who's YOUR favorite fashion icon???? Please share so that I can profile them for you!!!


  1. Hi Melaney! It's Emily (Kalee's friend)- and I'm glad you created this blog! Kalee was down to visit over the weekend and she credited you with her stylish-ness! I'm excited to read your posts- i can always use style advice! :D

  2. hey gurlie! thanks so much! :) i watched you and kalee's video that you did together for your much fun and so hilarious!!! loved it. so good to hear from you and keep up the good work on your blog...i can always use make up advice, hehe! :)

  3. just stopped by your blog from another follower i saw! I LOVE Lauren Conrad. :) she is one of my favorite "style icons"!
    cant wait to see more posts!