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Fashion Watch Fall 2009--What's NOW for Women

Hey fellow fashion lovers! I thought for my first post here at Blogspot I'd put together some of my personal choices for must haves this coming Fall, simple ideas to update pieces you already own, and some of my favorite websites for finding bargains on current trends or just ones to browse to check out great looks! I know others out there are great at this sort of thing, but maybe don't have the time because of life to keep current on trends or search for deals and whatever. I hope to be that for you. Any comments, additions, topic ideas, thoughts, or critiques are certainly welcome though...Enjoy!!!!

***Upcoming Trends For Fall 2009...Straight from New York Fashion Week...***
After "analyzing" pics from the runway show...the following seem to be of a pretty concrete theme throughout each designer's collections...

1. Bright Neon Hues...shocking pinks!/Jewel Tones...such as papaya, rich purples and blues, and chartreuse (gold/green).
2. Velvet and Satin Textiles.
3. A Touch of Fur (a bolero or coat will do the trick). I'm going with faux but that's up to you!
4. Bold Shoulders...whether it be a Hint of Shoulder (one shouldered or fun cut outs) or Shoulder Pads...yes, they are baaack.
5. Thigh High Boots were all over the runways...Not sure I am taking it to that level...
6. Fitted/Cropped Blazers...(my picks: black or navy).
7. Booties...Still in for this Fall!!! (I have my eye on some to-die-for grey velvet Christian Louboutin's).
8. Ruffles...strategically and classically placed! Don't overdue it...a ruffled top in a bright color with skinny jeans and a solid, fitted blazer would be very chic!
9. Graphics and Bold Prints...a little at a time!
10. Harem 'em. I can't bring my self to do them...yet. Never say never.
11. Motorcycle Jackets! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them...very fun for Fall!
12. Daytime Sequins and Glitter...Yes, bust out a sparkly top, jacket, or accessory (1 at a time!) and pair with neutral pants for work or skinny jeans and heels for going's not just for super dressy occasions anymore!
13. Hats...they are everywhere for Fall!
14. Neutral Trench Coats.
15. Bib Necklaces/Layered Necklaces and Bold Jewelry.
16. Boyfriend Jeans and Skinny Jeans.
17. Jumpsuits. Rompers were huge (and adorable) for Spring/Summer and now the jumpsuit just lengthens this same concept and takes you into Fall.

***So, What to Buy For Fall Out of ALL Those??? Here Are My Top 5!!!***

1. Color and Fabrics. Get a few staple pieces in this Fall's favorite colors and can update your wardrobe in seconds with just a few additions. (i.e. a neon pink dress, a deep purple scarf, a chartreuse handbag, or a dark teal top.)
2. The Fitted/Cropped Blazer. Soo classic and instantly updates just about anything! In black or navy you can throw it over a dress or pair with a graphic top, scarf, and jeans.
3. Booties!!! I LOVE them...if you didn't get a pair last Fall, get some this Fall! I like velvet personally (you get 2 trends in one!). They can be worn with skinny jeans or look really chic over tights with a dress and trench.
4. Ruffled Tops...Get some in neutral tones...ivory or dove grey...and a couple bright ones and throw under your new blazer or pair with a pencil skirt and heels.
5. Motorcycle Jacket and/or Trench. Do yourself a favor and get one of each :) I just really love layering...and these will give you lots of options. You can wear them almost everyday and look completely different by changing up what's underneath.

***Alright, I can't stop at 5....2 more, that's it, I promise...***

6. Bib Necklaces/Lots of Layered Accessories. THE easiest way to update an outfit! Take plain old jeans, nude heels, a solid, fitted or trapeze tee and layer up the necklaces, bangles, or cuffs...and you've taken something plain to instantly dressed up!
7. Boyfriend Jeans/Skinny Jeans. You better already have the skinny jeans...they've been around for awhile now and are definitely a staple from casual to dressy looks. Now add the boyfriend jean which is slouchier, comfier and more of a casual look. Most come distressed and have that worn-in feel and look. They were popular this spring and summer paired with gladiator sandals and you can take them right on in to Fall and Winter!

Whew...I'm done :)

***Now, Where Can You Get It All????***

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop along with some online stores and boutiques that are great as well. It depends how much you feel like spending, but you really don't have to spend a lot to get some great pieces to add to your wardrobe and be updated and ready for Fall.

~Urban Outfitter's...( Great for leggings, tunics, retro shoes, cool blazers and motorcycle jackets, awesome accessories, and so on. They also have a cool furniture/housewares section for eclectic tastes. Definitely where I do most my shopping!
~Banana Republic...( If you're a working girl, this is definitely my pick for professional attire. Great, classic pieces in a variety of textures, fits, and styles.
~1 Happy Girl Boutique...( Most of the time I run across some of my favorite places to shop by just scouring the Internet for cute little boutiques. This place was one of those. Adorable tops and dresses and vintage inspired jewelry. I absolutely adore this place. You can shop online, but they also just opened a boutique in Lemont, IL which I believe is up near Chicago? Might be cool to check out in person if you're up that way!
~socialiteny...( Another little online boutique. While I don't always feel that they have a very big selection and that can be disappointing, I am adding it because they usually make up for it by always managing to have one piece I can get really excited about. I really like their dresses!
~Forever21...( and Charlotte Russe...( These are your more everyday, obvious "trendy" choices. These, while having a great selection of "now" items, can sometimes be "cookie cutter" in that it may not be a unique piece because many shop there. They are typical in that it is where most women will go to find low-priced and "in" things. While they do have a wide selection of clothing options, my only problem with it is that you get what you pay for. Because they are cheaper items you have to keep in mind that they may not last as long as if you splurge on something a little bit higher priced. Quality is, unfortunately, a lot of times reflected in the price of something. (Don't get me wrong...I have a lot of items in my closet from these two places, I'm just saying...)
~Von Maur...( My favorite, "local" department store. Here you can find designer brands and higher quality-made items. Great shoe and handbag selection and I always find adorable clothes!
~Go Jane...( I was recently introduced to this site and while they have several genres of clothing and accessory items worth checking out, I have to say the shoe department is what really draws you in! LOTS of GREAT, AMAZINGLY priced shoes in tons of styles that you can really stock up on! If you're needing shoes, this is where you need to go!

~Second Hand/Vintage Shops. Definitely my favorite places to frequent. I'm not talking GoodWill...I'm talking those little hole-in-the-wall places you stumble across when you aren't really looking. We have a couple in Champaign and I always find something I have to have. One called Dandelion has a men's section that I could really load up on for the hubby. I actually have my eye on a great crocheted green cardigan and a couple of '70's era dresses I have to have, as well. They always have super fun shoes too if you're lucky enough to find a pair in your size! Reasonably priced and definitely one of a kind...vintage shops are super unique!

Annnd here are a few places (online) to go if you are the kind of person that likes it DESIGNER!!! I hate to divulge these and would really like to keep them to myself, haha...but I must share. It's where I get my normally "only-celebrities-can-afford-this-stuff" stuff for reduced prices that us everyday folk can revel in. The catch? You must be quick because everyone else under the sun is going for that Fendi purse, Valentino dress, or pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses you have your eye on too! So here are a few to join...but beware they are addicting! :)

~Gilt Groupe...(to join: GUILT is right, haha. Anyways, this site has more of the higher end designer sales on it (Burberry, Vera Wang, Valentino, Fendi, Christian Dior, Michael Kors, etc.). I don't buy from this one very often because even the sale prices are sometimes jaw dropping...but still, always fun to look! They also just added a section called Gilt Fuse which has more moderately prices designer items.
~Hautelook...(to join: I really like this site. The selection always seems to be the best to me and they have the most sales going on at one time, which I like for variety purposes. They are not as expensive either.
~Ideeli...(to join: I actually just joined this site so I can't give a lot of feedback on it quite yet! You join for free as a "second row" buyer which just means you have to wait 20 minutes or so to shop so that the "first row" people get first pick. I think it is ridiculous to pay for "first row" because the sales never seem to be that busy on this site anyways and what's 20 minutes???? But it's your choice!
~RueLaLa...(to join: This one usually has some pretty good sales going on BUT this is one sale site that is usually very busy! Sometimes, if there is a great designer up, the site will have to do a temporary shutdown just to keep from crashing. Things sell out very quickly on this one so you have to be on it.

Ooookay....Time to stop I think! I hope those of you who enjoy fashion as much as I do, will either learn something new or find somewhere new that will quickly become one of your favorite places to shop! Again, if you have anything to share...questions to ask, or other stores/websites/trends you love...Please let me know! Let me reiterate that you don't have to spend a lot! I know there are a lot of us who want to look fashion forward but cannot afford to pay a high price for it. Don't discount places like Target, WalMart, TJ Maxx, or regular department stores. These days places like this carry fashionable items for unthinkable prices. If you just love looking at all things fashionable as I do, but can't afford to fork out the money for designer items, you will want to join the above sites just so you can have a moment with some gorgeous designer goodies! Why not??? :)

From one fashionista to another, "Great fashion never goes out of style!"

Much Love, Mel

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